Sunday, 23 October 2016

How To setup Android Studio For Make First android app

         Three easy way to debug Android app for beginners 


hi guyz firstly i am introducing my self . My self Manoj kumar mehra I am android Developer i developed more then 20 apps . when i was started I faced many problem with debug my app so i found a easy way to debug app


There is a 4 way to debug android app  

    1. using emulator
    2. using blue stack 
    3. using real Device 
    4. real Device over the wifi

    using emulator

    Android Studio includes a debugger that enables you to debug apps running on the Android Emulator or a connected Android device. With the Android Studio debugger, you can:
  1. Select a device to debug your app on.
  2. Set breakpoints in your Java and C/C++ code.
  3. Examine variables and evaluate expressions at runtime.
  4. Capture screenshots and videos of your app.
To start debugging, click Debug in the toolbar. Android Studio builds an APK, signs it with a debug key, installs it on your selected device, then runs it and opens the Debug window, as shown in figure 1. If you add C and C++ code to your project, Android Studio also runs the LLDB debugger in the Debug window to debug your native code.
If no devices appear in the Select Deployment Target window after you click Debug, then you need to either connect a device or click Create New Emulator to setup the Android Emulator.